Impact Fundamentals for VCs

Work in VC and curious about the impact fundamentals? This is the course for you. Put together by the VC ecosystem for the VC ecosystem. 

Enroll to learn more about what impact and impact investing are, why it's relevant to you, and how to get started on your impact journey.

Online Course


Nick Andreou


1-2 hours



About the course

Simplicity first

There is a lot(!) said and written about impact. We go back to basics and answer the core questions. Our answers have been tested and curated with VCs so we guarantee practical simplicity!

Commercial mindset

We believe impact can be a source of commercial value. Therefore, the default position in this course is a perspective of trying to achieve market rate returns through an impact strategy.


The course is entirely self paced. Learn when you want. With videos between 1 and 7 minutes we've made it as quick and easy as possible to make progress. 

Course Lessons

Nick Andreou

Nick is a founding member of ImpactVC and has worked across academia, investing, consulting, and operator roles in the impact ecosystem. He holds a PhD in organizational behaviour from the University of Nottingham and an MBA from Oxford's Saïd Business School. He is a Visiting Fellow at Saïd and a guest speaker at London Business School. He regularly trains startups, VCs, LPs and family offices on impact.
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